Fair Football was founded by Raymond Lynn and Daniel Clayton in 2016. Having met as Master's students at the University of Warwick, they found that they shared a passion for football and a desire to challenge prejudice in sport and in society.

Raymond's desire to create Fair Football was inspired by his experiences growing up in South Africa during Apartheid. His family had previously immigrated from England and saw first hand the misery and suffering that occurs in racially segregated societies. Later, he and his family emigrated back to England, where Raymond experienced the difficulties and inequalities which exist in British society.

For a number of years, he worked with multicultural communities ranging from the Phillipines, Nigeria, Ghana, China, Russia and Poland. Enriched by this experience, Raymond returned to the UK and decided to study a BA and later an MSc in Business and Intercultural Communication. His research on previously unexplored prejudices in British Football further reinforced his will to drive change.

Recently Raymond has worked in the intercultural development industry, while Daniel returned to Warwick to do his PhD in Cultural Sports Psychology. Recognising the persistent discrimination that is rampant in British society and sport, and with the unwavering belief that they were in a position to do something about it, they formed Fair Football.