What we do

Fair Football seeks to tackle discrimination in football, and society as a whole, through a unique combination of educational sessions and state of the art research. We believe that changing prejudicial attitudes requires more than just saying that you will try to educate people on discriminatory issues. We believe that getting to the root of the problem requires wholesale cultural change. By encouraging people to rethink how they view the world, and how their perceptions of others guide how they think and what they do, we believe this change is possible.


We deliver interactive classes to youngsters that are designed to challenge people's perceptions. We want our young people to understand that their worldview is just one way of seeing the world. With this approach we aim to stimulate the growth of cultural awareness and the adoption and development of crucial traits such as openness, cultural empathy, curiosity and tolerance. Equipping children with these tools will empower them to challenge prejudice and contribute to equality both on and off the football pitch.


We are proud of the fact that not only are our sessions informed by the latest academic research but also the relevant, cutting edge research we design ourselves.  In fact - this is what makes Fair Football unique. In order to keep up with an increasingly diverse and dynamic society we strive to produce relevant and contemporary research that drives state of the art approaches to the problems our society faces. We understand that merely describing instances of discrimination is not enough. We know that for change to occur, children must learn why discrimination happens.